79th Akasaka Antique Market in ARK HILLS

Flea markets that combine various genres such as antique furniture and miscellaneous goods, old clothes and jewelry, craft items that color lifestyle and artists' works are held on the fourth Sunday of every month. Please enjoy the encounter with nice items and individuality shops.

Shop List



From France / Belgium, we propose dishes and miscellaneous goods which color the scene of life and photogenic objects.


A shop owner who likes Europe long long and loved it, and I selected only the stored item (anger). Clothing, miscellaneous goods, etc. It is unique and functional and practical. The store name represents the meaning of "storage" of the country of handling goods.


I want to make a store with a cool doorknob. That's why the name is DOANOB Door Knob. From north to south. From east to west. There are antiques that I have been looking for by traveling through France.


I think that you can deliver the charm of goods of the good old days mainly to items of the 19th century.


Traditional style vintage clothing bought from the United States, Thailand, shoes and hat are rolling out.


We sell ladies' old clothes, military wear, original illustration T-shirts collected throughout Europe.

Ruinok · Vremeni (рынок времени)

We sell Russia, former Soviet Union, accessories etc purchased in other eastern European countries. In Russian antiques, I feel "glory" and "cloudiness" not found in Western European antiques such as France. Those who have come across people's hands from a turbulent era. It would be greatly appreciated if you put it near a spice of a little life.


C'est la vie ! rbr antiques

Those who felt the breath of time by someone. . . From today you are next to you, in your story. When I lived in Brussels in Belgium and Los Angeles in the USA in the 1970s, I will introduce the items I met in a short trip.


We introduce European antique medal, rosary, objects, accessories and miscellaneous goods at the homepage & antique event.


Accessories to add a famous brand overseas vintage poster and Parisian esprit and coloring.


Older accessories and miscellaneous goods filled with the charm unique to vintage. We will purchase one point centering on the UK and deliver it to everyone.


It is webshop Eastern Europe general shop Glücklich (Grucklich) which handles vintage miscellaneous goods purchased by shopkeepers themselves mainly in Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary. Thank you.


Every day, I think that it is usual and everyday for someone in the world next to us that gives us good spice and comfortable unusualness for daily life. "A thing for someone." It is for someone. "Higurashi will introduce usual and daily life of such a world to everyone.


We deal with antique miscellaneous goods and accessories from France and the UK. We have all the small items that you can enjoy at hand.

Lucy & Matilda

We are introducing British antique miscellaneous goods under the concept "Time spent at home with family is happy time".


Launched in the spring of 2019, we want to deliver European vintage designer jewelery that we have searched for in Europe, mainly in Milan, to women living today. As sisters who have traveled all over the world, we will develop based in Milan and Tokyo!


nite is a store that mainly collects favorites from the UK and France. I chose old things one by one, like traveling around the night.

petit musée

We are proposing an antique living with mainly French old paper and race. I think that the goods of a good old age would feel the pleasure of becoming familiar with modern style.

European vintage fabric and tableware · miscellaneous goods park

Green shop handles colorful vintage miscellaneous goods in a little old retro in Eastern Europe and Northern Europe. We are focusing on fabrics, curtains and cloths.

Vintage Fashion

OLD Hanna

Time and air, vintages gathered from one by one from around the world with the eyes and sensitivities of shop owners who are famous select buyers for over 20 years, with the desire to deliver meaning and feelings, from high-value clothes to unique sundries to introduce.

Outfitters by KF

Kenneth field ™ Designer It is a shop that selected goods and wear possessed by Kusano with taste of hunting outdoor.


An online shop that proposes fashion mainly on used clothing that is the basis of work, military, sports and menswear. In this term, we select a wide variety of clothes regardless of genre and age, focusing on European secondhand clothing.


For adults with no moderation and sophisticated humor. A slightly unusual soap opera for you to become yourself (SOAP OPERA)


The original "Li: lys" (Lilith) remake using old clothes, accessories, accessories, miscellaneous goods, military in the UK and France, collaboration with garden of Eden accessories, accessories for linen-centered adult clothes adhering to fabrics and shapes Etc., a shop that proposes total unique individual style regardless of age.



It is a shop and atelier of handmade wrist watch in Kurama in Tokyo. I use domestic machines, I make cases, dials and belts.


I handmade children's clothes that look like they came out of picture books. We sell boys and girls' clothes of 80 cm to 130 cm.

cioca jewelry

The stone (semiprecious stone) which is the main material of the work, many of which have names of Latin origin. So brand name has made cioca my name was arranged in Latin-like style I always made a mind to have a commitment one by one and carefully finished with my own world view. While taking advantage of the beautiful colors and shapes of antique lace and polished stone, inspiration is given to things with the atmosphere of Chinoiseri, Japonedri, and in addition it is influenced by natural trees, beautiful birds, color of the flowers and also works I am making it.

COMA ceramics

We are opening stores in department stores, galleries, craft fairs, etc. centering on oriental dishes.


I imagined the closet of a fictitious person named Joëlle, finished with fine ribs and antique ribbons and buttons, a hat that makes the wearing person look beautiful.


Collage accessories of vintage parts and modern parts from around the world.


We are making accessories using Japanese lacquer technique in the traditional crafts field. I use Japanese paper, wood as a material. Finally it is foil finish so it looks like metal and it is a very light accessory. You can learn it without burdening even if it is big.

trois produits.

Choose a metal with your own eyes, cut out the metal with your own hands and hit it. We will do all the steps to the details. Combining the warmth of handicraft and strength of individuals in delicate things ..., I will continue making such a work. Since it is simple, it can be used every day. If you are affectionate, if you can wear it for a long time ..., I am happy.

Oyama Kaneyoshi store

Accessories combining knitting and engraving. A product that adults can attach to a dark world with mushrooms and insects.


I use vintage fabrics and parts to produce bags and hats. I am particular about putting out a worn out atmosphere for decades as it is.

Jardin de Violé

We are pleased to inform you of romantic dry leases and arrangements that have been finished using hydrangea and preserved for attractive plants and seasonal autumn colors.


Atelier of hat and clothes in Kawagoe City, Saitama Prefecture. Basic hat and linen clothes, a wonderful clothing in the new season.


A unisex-expanded knitwear brand that incorporates new sensations while following vintage details based on the concept of “the first thing you can feel nostalgia”


Date Sunday, October 25, 2020
  • Rain scheduled, stopping stormy weather
Time 11:00~17:00
Place ARK Hills ARK・Karajan Place
Ark · Karajan Square, Akasaka 1-12-32 Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-6001
Fee free
WEB Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AKASAKA.NOMINOICHI/
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