GRE EN WORKSHOP (green workshop) is ARK to work the rich nature of the garden in the field, of once a month, is a membership-based program for children. ARK Garden's full-time Gardener Akimi Sugii and NPO CANVAS co-supervised and the children's five senses, physicality, and free sensitivities through contact with nature through the four seasons, horticultural activities to grow flowers, and art work Will be nurtured.



At ARK Hills, we are developing "ARK HILLS KIDS COMMUNITY" project based on the concept of "Kids · Family Friendly City". With the city of Ark Hills as a field, we will offer a program that will be an experience that will lead to a rich future for children, such as touching nature in the city, leading music / art, state-of-the-art technology ... We offer it through. Ark Hills aims to be a base that will make you want to visit always by creating communities rooted in the communities of children and adults supporting their activities.

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Won the 13th Kids Design Award

ARK HILLS KIDS COMMUNITY 『GRE EN WORKSHOP ”13th Kids Design AwardWas awarded.

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April 2019-March 2020 4th Saturday of each month (only 2nd Saturday in December)




ARK Hills, ARK Garden and others
1-12-32 Akasaka Minato-ku, Tokyo


Preschool children 5 years old to third grade students

Capacity 20 classes in each class
Entry fee

It will be based on ¥ 3,000 per ticket system. Detail isApplication pagePlease confirm.

Contact us HILLS KIDS COMMUNITY secretariat)

Mori Building Co., Ltd.



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Teachers (supervised by the program)

Akemi Sugii (Too Akemi)

Mr. Akemi (Akumi Sugii)

園芸家。有限会社 風のみどり塾 代表。千葉県生まれ。女子美術短期大学卒。生家は南房総市の(株)杉井農園。VANジャケット経営の「グリーンハウス404」の店長を経て園芸家に。1996年にアークヒルズ内屋上庭園のリニューアル工事を手掛けて以降、20年以上にわたりアークガーデンのメンテナンスを手掛けている。都市緑化にも独自のセンス、手法で取り組んでおり、人にとって緑は必須のものという信念のもと、"子供に園芸を"をライフワークとしている。

Message from Mr. Akemi

There are few opportunities to touch the soil, and there are many things in the virtual world that have a lot of ways of thinking and thinking. What are those children born by growing plants in the ARK Hills garden? I think that various emotions are actually created as a touch from soil, sowing seeds, care, and watching for growth. And such a variety of emotions must be a source of rich hearts and minds that create creativity and imagination. "GRE EN taking advantage of the blessing from nature of the four seasons in WORKSHOP", this ARK Hills that learn just because your garden, we will tell fun through play.


NPO corporation CANVAS

It is an NPO that is active since 2002 with the goal of providing a place of creation and expression for children and raising soil that cultivates rich ideas. We have carried out more than 3000 workshops so far, and at GREEN WORKSHOP we supervise modeling programs utilizing progress and nature.

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Annual Program (FY 2019)

In the ARK garden full of lush greens that do not seem to be in the center of the city, play with flowers in spring energetically, learn various ways of enjoying plants in summer, enjoy with beautiful gifts from the fulfilled garden in autumn, winter Learn about the soil that is important for plants.
In the workshop, we respect the independence of the children and place importance on creating opportunities for collaboration and learning.

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  • Schedule schedule and contents may be changed due to the weather of the day.

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The following program has already ended.

April 27 (Sat):
Story of one year starting from now
Let's play with lots of spring flowers in ARK 's garden!

  • Parents can also visit.

May 25 (Sat):
Let's make some seeds.
Let's grow plants in ARK 's garden and home

June 22 (Sat):
Moving to a big house
Let's take care of grown flower

July 27 (Sat):
Enjoy the herbs
Make a "herb swag" for your home and enjoy the scent!

August 24 (Sat):
In hot summer, gardening in your room
Study how to grow houseplants, how to grow

September 28 (Sat):
Let's enjoy the taste of autumn
・ Autumn Shichiku and moon party (with dumplings)
・ Making containers for people in town

October 26 (Sat):
~"庭からの贈り物" 植物を心で見よう~
Bottle light making using ARK plant

  • We will welcome lighting designer Yasuhito Choma as a special guest.
  • Parents can also participate.

November 23 (Sat / Holiday):
Fallen leaves are treasures
Collect fallen leaves and make compost!

December 14 (Sat):
-Clean up your garden-Create a Christmas wreath and prepare for a new year!

  • It will be held on the second Saturday in December.

January 25 (Sat):
Do not lose to cold
Create a Scarecrow to protect your flowers and protect your flowers!

February 22 (Sat):
Looking for Spring
Make a bird call and depart for the Ikimon Tank!

  • We will welcome special pros Sasakihiro as a special guest.

March 28 (Sat):
Summary of 1 year
Study of "soil" for next spring and one-year reflection

  • The event was canceled to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection.

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