Spring garden special release 2019

The season when the flower grows and feels the breath of life. From the end of March to the end of May, we will expand the period of the regularly closed garden "roof garden" on the roof of SUNTORY HALL for special period. An event such as a garden concert is also held during the period! Please enjoy the rich time with "Oasis in the city center".

  • Introduction of the gardenHere



From the end of March 2019 to the end of May


SUNTORY HALL rooftop "Roof garden"(Normally unpublished) and others

  • Rain punishment, stopping stormy weather
  • Food and drink can be brought in (excluding alcohol)
    (Food and drink can not be brought in on Friday, April 5, Saturday, April 6, Sunday, April 7)
Contact us 03-6406-6663(Mori Building Co., Ltd.)

Opening schedu

Weekday lunchtime, Marche on Saturday, event day at Karajan Place in April and May, and Spring of the city at various times can be enjoyed.

<Schedule details>

The following date and time of March 22 (Fri) to May 31 (Fri)

  • Every Friday, Saturday 10: 00-14: 00 (last entry 13: 30)
  • Some exceptions
  • March 23 (Sat) 10: 00 ~ 13: 30 (Last admission 13: 00)
  • Friday, March 29th 12: 15-14: 00 (last entry 13: 30)
  • April 5 (Friday), 6th (Sat) 10: 00 ~ 17: 00 (last entry 16:30)

Thursday, March 28, Thursday 18 April, Thursday 16 May Thursday 10: 00-14: 00 (last entry 13: 30)

  • " ARK Hills Sakura Festival 2019" Holding Date

April 5 (Friday) · April 6 (Saturday) 10: 00 ~ 17: 00 (last entry 16:30)
Sunday, April 7 (Sunday) 10: 00 ~ 14: 00 (last entry 13: 30)

※ We will sell flower seedlings at Four Season Garden on Saturday, April 6.

  • "Let's think about trees with the forest with with trees" Date

May 3rd (Friday, congratulation) · May 4th (Saturday · Holiday) 10: 00 ~ 14: 00 (last entry 13: 30)
May 5 (Sun · Holiday) 10: 00 ~ 16: 00 (last entry 15: 30)

~ Scenery of the spring roof garden ~

In early April, colorful flowers of tulips are in full bloom.
The green is overflowing in May, you can feel the early summer.
Also holding a garden concert in the space full of green!
Elegant lunch time while feeling the arrival of spring.

※ There is a possibility that the time of the best time of flowers will change depending on the climate

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Garden concert

  • Spring Garden Concert in ARK Hills Sakura Festival 2019

Date: April 6 (Sat) 11: 30-11: 50, 13: 00-13: 20

  • Cooperation: Morning ♪ ク ラ ~ Asa-Kura ~
  • At rainy weather held at Ark · Karajan square
  • ARK Garden Forest Music Concert in Let's Play with Forest with with trees

Date and time: May 5th (Sundays and public holidays) 12: 30-13: 00, 15: 30-16: 00

  • At rainy weather held at Ark · Karajan square

<Continuing to realize "Symbiosis between city and nature", ARK Hills ' green and garden after more than 30 years>

ARK Hills has raised "a symbiosis between the city and nature" to the city full of greenery after more than 30 years since its opening in 1986. In the tenth year of business opening, gardener Akemi Sugii was welcomed as full-time gardener of the ARK and renewed. Cherishing the original beauty that plants possess, we aim to create a "nostalgic natural scenery" that you can feel the seasonal change in the city center. After garden community " ARK Gardening Club" to raise green with citizen participation, now we grow flowers together with children, learn and play "GREEN WORKSHOP"And continues to grow even now with the region.

  • Introduction of the gardenHere

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ARK Hills Event Information for Spring 2019