Creating a city that considers the environment and greenery

At ARK Hills, we consider "environment / green", conserve and revitalize green spaces and ecosystems in the city center, and promote energy efficiency throughout the area through energy networks.

Greening initiatives and achievements

ARK Hills completed in 1986

At the ARK Hills which is the first large-scale composite redevelopment for the private sector, we have created a large-scale rooftop green space. About 150 trees which planted more than 40,000 trees on the green spaces on the premises such as the Suntory Hall rooftops and planted alongside the outer roads are cherry blossoms. In 1997 we planted plants in green spaces that were evergreen centers, felt the moisture of the season, and evolved into a place that is involved with green.

ARK Hills Sengokuyama Mori Tower completed in 2012

We have created a green space for the preservation and recovery of biodiversity, a global environmental problem. The following initiatives to enhance the ecosystem have been appreciated, and JHEP certified (Japan Ecosystem Association) has acquired Japan's first highest ranked AAA.

  1. Select regional native species by referring to the potential vegetation map of Tokyo
  2. A combination of high, middle, shrub and ground type, a three-dimensional green area where living things are easy to live
  3. Approximately 40 dead trees to be the living creatures & feeding grounds
  4. About 500 m 3 of the soil of the site is stored and reused

In the biological monitoring survey at ARK Hills Sengokuyama Mori Tower in 2015, about 15 species of birds including the target species of our facility, Kogera, and about 10 species of butterflies are observed.

Increase in green covered area and green coverage

The percentage of green sites occupied by the site increases year by year, and the percentage of green showing the ratio also exceeds 40% in both ARK Hills and ARK Hills Sakuyama Mori Tower.

Changes in arc hills green coverage
Left: 23.3% (1.15 ha) in 1990 Right: 43.5% (2.15 ha) in 2016

Relaxation of heat island phenomenon

From the thermal images, it can be seen that the green area of ​​the ARK Hills area has a lower surface temperature of 5 to 15 ° C during the day than the asphalt pavement of the surrounding road, leading to easing of the heat island phenomenon. (Thermal imaging: Sky Map Co., Ltd.)

Energy network

Environmentally friendly regional heat supply is introduced in the area around ARK Hills. In cooperation with neighboring development, we continuously expand energy network and aim for further efficiency improvement throughout the area.