Facility Summary

Since its inception, ARK Hills has continued to create new values ​​that drive the times in various aspects such as business, housing, culture, green, and community.

ARK Mori Building (Office)

Based on the design philosophy of maximizing the incorporation of excellent elements from the planning stage, from the viewpoints of "safety", "comfort", "convenience", "variability", etc. from the planning stage in order to respond to the internationalization / information age It was.
In the large-scale renovation that went on in 2005, the concept is "Innovation of interior design making use of the likeness of ARK Hills" and "pursuit of office spec that compares favorably with Roppongi Hills Mori Tower". We renewed in 2016 aiming at further improving customer convenience.

ARK Tower Residence

Modern living space, fine quality and refreshing service, thorough security system. ARK Towers is a high-end rental residence with comfortable and refined living conditions. Located in a piece of "ARK Hills", it is a business base in downtown area, plenty of intellectual stimulus, plenty of green to taste the change of the season, and environment where you can enjoy abundant living.


Tokyo's first concert hall with the concept of "the most beautiful sound in the world" cooperated with Mr. Herbert · Von · Karajan, a vintage musician. We are establishing a firm position as "Japan's Music Hall of Fame".
It has a large hall and blue rose (small hall), boasting 2,006 seats and the best pipe organ. In 2007 we carried out renovation work of the whole building aiming for the hall which can satisfy our customers more.

ARK Garden

ARK garden is a generic term for gardens built in ARK Hills.
Four seasonal flowers suitable for each place, such as "Main Garden" full of seasonal nature views and "Four Seasons Garden" which gathered only Japanese plants and plants that came to ancient Japan, can diversify rooftop greenery It tells us the gender.

ARK Karajan Place

Ark · Karajan Platz which is located in the center of ARK Hills and has added coloring to the city, various events filled with seasonal crowds are held, making city life more attractive, playing the center of ARK Hills' bustle It is.

ANA InterContinental Tokyo Tokyo

It has about 900 rooms from single rooms to suites and is a luxury city hotel with 11 restaurants & bars, banquet halls, chapels, shrines and garden pools.