Four Seasons of ARK Hills

ARK Hills has a rich greenery where you can feel the four seasons, as well as organizing events of every season. In a pleasant scenery, living things are raised, please enjoy communication through nature.

Spring - Light Up of Cherry Blossoms in Cherry Blossoms / Cherry Blossom Festival ~

The cherry blossom trees planted on the outer circumference of ARK Hills will be lighted up and become a fantastic cherry blossom tunnel. In addition, the cherry blossom festival is held mainly at ARK · Karajan Platz and the town is crowded.

Early summer ~ Green garden / Kids event ~

After the cherry blossoms have fallen, the arc garden will have a beautiful fresh green season. In the city, events for children, such as events for kids with the theme of wood growing, and wrestling sumo wrestling events, are held.

Summer ~ Beer garden ~

You can enjoy a summer-like open-air space with meals such as ARK · Karajan Platz and Roof of ARK Hills South Tower.

Autumn ~ Autumn Festival / ARK Hills Music Week / Suntory Hall Festival ~

In autumn you can enjoy traditional Japanese festivals such as bon odor and oshiki. The Suntory Hall Festival will be held and the town will be splendid.

Winter ~ Illumination ~

When winter comes, ARK · Karajan Platz is given Christmas illumination, and in this season's Hills Marche, seasonal winter vegetables line up. At the end of the year there will be an annual rice cake rice cake event.