69th Akasaka Antique Market in ARK HILLS
Christmas Market ~ Noël en famille ~

We hold a flea market that combines various genres such as antique furniture, miscellaneous goods, old clothes and jewelry, craft items that color lifestyle and artists' work, on the 4th Sunday of every month (only on December 2nd Sunday). Please enjoy the encounter with nice items and individuality shops.

Flea market: ARK HILLS CHRISTMAS 2019 event page is here

Shop List



Our store is located in Daikanyama, with a focus on 19th and 20th century European and American products such as furniture, lighting, stuffing, accessories and accessories. This time around Christmas, we will prepare lamps and accessories. We will deliver lamps that will heal your tired mind after work and earrings that can be casually attached to special dinners.


“Natural and beautiful in the transition of the seasons”, “Looking for everyday life and cherishing good old things” such as Nordic charm, “Kirsikka ( Kirsica) ”. Through the sale of vintage tableware and miscellaneous goods purchased locally in Finland and Sweden, as well as holding exhibitions and workshops, we deliver the appeal of “North European goods and things”.

Kirsikka (Workshop)

“Himmel's Star-shaped Ornament” Finnish traditional decoration “Himmel”. Make a perfect star ornament for Christmas decorations.


I am making children's clothing with embroidery on linen and cotton fabrics from the idea of "clothes that remain in the corner of my memory when I was little." We will be waiting for a limited time Xmas Box at the Christmas Market.


I design cards and posters by combining botanical art, butterflies, bees, and the alphabet drawn with the technique of botanical art. With a dull texture like antiques, the colors of the plants are expressed beautifully and we carefully produce images that will not fade over time.

cioca jewelry

ciocajewelry is inspired by antique jewelry from the 1900s and Asian (especially Indian) jewelery, as well as being influenced by the color of the flowers.


Hat and clothes atelier. We produce clothes and cloth accessories made of natural materials, focusing on basic comfortable knitted hats. Since important people want to spend a pleasant winter, choose a unique gift, such as a soft-stall, a warm hat, and fine linen clothes.

trois produits.

The charm and beauty of nature, mainly plants, are expressed in metal. It combines the warmth of handwork and the strength of an individual piece in a delicate object. I will continue to make such works. I would be happy if attachment was born and I could wear it for a long time.


“Ttoo” announced Aromu, Soap, Candle, etc. as product brands that create the natural beauty and fragrance in daily life. We sell "enjoying life". Feel nature close to life, soothing the healing power of natural materials and fragrance relaxation to your life + (tas)!

yuta hashimoto

Small leather items that are made with simple leather. We have a selection of items that are perfect for Christmas gifts, such as wallets and smart business card holders where you can enjoy delicious and unique aging. Please come to look for gifts for loved ones.

Va Pla

Knife work represented by Maiko's hairpin. With Japanese techniques, we mainly make brooches and earrings with the aim of creating flowers that will fit in the western cityscape. You can use knob work born from precise handwork more closely, such as small petals made with tweezers and nuance color unique to hand dyeing.


I studied jewelry design and production with my sisters, and now I am working as an artist. I work every day based on the concept of "items that give someone a little stimulation and can snuggle up to."
Yanagimoto calendar http://koyomiyanagimoto.tumblr.com/
Rei Yanagimoto http://reyyanagimoto.tumblr.com/

Jardin de Violé

It is a webshop that provides information on seasonal perennials, potted flowers, greenery, and dry arrangements. We welcome you with gorgeous flowers such as wreaths and cyclamen that decorate the Christmas season, pansies and viola that you can enjoy for a long time until spring.


Branches and cut flowers. Flower and iron rust things and plants. Old tools and leather cloth accessories. Wreath and swag. << Ever Green Lease & New Year Lease Making >> We will make a fragrant green lease and an original lease that will enter a new year based on shimeji rope.


The concept of nido is poetic stained glass that is filled with secret stories of things that have passed through a long time and those of distant countries. 《Stained Glass Workshop to Enliven Christmas Feeling》 Why don't you make a petit hand mirror that is perfect for star ornaments and gifts you want to decorate for Christmas? Even beginners can easily experience it.

Sucreries par Rina Kato

Selling cookie cans and baked goods, mainly French confectionery. Not only traditional French confectionery but also Western confectionery based on the latest trends is widely distributed in classrooms, mail order and books.


Based on the concept of "Simple is delicious!", We make baked goods and cakes using seasonal fruits and organic ingredients as much as possible. We mainly open at art events with baked goods and seasonal tarts. Orders such as birthday cakes, wedding cakes, assorted baked goods are also accepted.


A cup of Christmas that is suitable for wine as well as coffee and tea, as well as wine "Ruta no Tartotan". The classic "shortbread" is a set of ornament cookies colored with spinach and purple. The original pound cake "Finnd" has four kinds of berries of strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, cranberry in the green tea fabric which imaged the Christmas tree.



From France / Belgium, we propose dishes and miscellaneous goods which color the scene of life and photogenic objects.


A shop owner who likes Europe long long and loved it, and I selected only the stored item (anger). Clothing, miscellaneous goods, etc. It is unique and functional and practical. The store name represents the meaning of "storage" of the country of handling goods.


I want to make a store with a cool doorknob. That's why the name is DOANOB Door Knob. From north to south. From east to west. There are antiques that I have been looking for by traveling through France.


We sell ladies' old clothes, military wear, original illustration T-shirts collected throughout Europe.


Traditional style vintage clothing bought from the United States, Thailand, shoes and hat are rolling out.


Every day, I think that it is usual and everyday for someone in the world next to us that gives us good spice and comfortable unusualness for daily life. "A thing for someone." It is for someone. "Higurashi will introduce usual and daily life of such a world to everyone.


Antique shop Ann

I am running an antique shop in one corner of my house in Okawagawa-shi, Saitama. Proposing and acting on antique living such as selling furniture and miscellaneous goods, garden and room making. .


I longed for an antique store standing casually in the street corner of London, and I selected antique miscellaneous goods that blend with nature in my daily life.

Brocante paris 21e

It mainly sells French advertisements in 1950s and 1960s, goods with novelty goods as sense of graffiti, items sold with fun.

C'est la vie! Rbr antiques

Those who felt the breath of time by someone. . . From today you are next to you, in your story. When I lived in Brussels in Belgium and Los Angeles in the USA in the 1970s, I will introduce the items I met in a short trip.


covin is a coined word combining "contemporary" and "vintage". I hope to be able to help you connect those who traveled from the past to this day to a new feeling of the present age. It collects vintage miscellaneous goods and accessories in Europe, mainly France and the UK, and does not have a store, it is over the market with a trunk.


We introduce European antique medal, rosary, objects, accessories and miscellaneous goods at the homepage & antique event.

Float Gallery Antiques

We deal in vintage / antique furniture and miscellaneous goods purchased mainly in the UK and France, and vintage jewelry which can be used everyday.


Older accessories and miscellaneous goods filled with the charm unique to vintage. We will purchase one point centering on the UK and deliver it to everyone.


It is webshop Eastern Europe general shop Glücklich (Grucklich) which handles vintage miscellaneous goods purchased by shopkeepers themselves mainly in Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary. Thank you.

hd vintage

It is design antique hd vintage. Though old, new, we will collect items of design that go beyond such age and deliver it to everyone.

In Vivo

WEB shop of Northern Europe vintage tableware and miscellaneous goods operated by a couple In Vivo (in vivo). Sweden and Finland directly purchase and sell products that I thought good for both men and women, with a focus on kitchen tools and tableware that are familiar with life.


A grocery store that runs "flea market of travel" with items purchased by traveling in Central Europe and Eastern Europe. The stock is centered on dishes and fabrics that you can feel foreign countries while you are in Germany, Hungary, Poland etc.


We deal with antique miscellaneous goods and accessories from France and the UK. We have all the small items that you can enjoy at hand.

LePetit Tresor

It is a shop dealing with vintage dresses, costume jewelry and bags, accessories and procurant miscellaneous goods purchased in France. We will deliver product ideas that will be 1 epetittresor (small treasure) for everyone, with the concept of "small fashionable everyday with one point not covered by anyone".


We deal with European old goods, tableware, small furniture, etc. selected based on color and texture.

Lucy & Matilda

We are introducing British antique miscellaneous goods under the concept "Time spent at home with family is happy time".


Time stamped picture stands and mirrors. A small notebook of balls. Secret small box. Dusting with a silver rose pattern. Rees gloves. Sumire 's wrestling cafe au viol. We have a lot of goods of motif of fashionable and fashionable, brilliantly brilliant, earrings, violet, angel, mistletoe. We will deliver goods unique to France of the good old times, from Paris to ladies at an affordable price.

magic carpet

Only Afghan rugs etc. are mainly sold and selected only for works that you want to be pure and want to use for a lifetime.

Neo Tropic

Neo Tropic offers peace, abundance and surprises through the interior.

petit musée

We are proposing an antique living with mainly French old paper and race. I think that the goods of a good old age would feel the pleasure of becoming familiar with modern style.


WEB shop which handles mainly Northern Europe vintage dishes of 1950 ~ 80 's such as Arabia and Roll Strand will be opened!

ten kara ten

In the 1950s and 1980s I will deal with wooden miscellaneous goods of cheeks and rosewoods used in Danish furniture in the 1950s, centering on works of Swedish and Danish ceramists. Other Germany and Netherlands miscellaneous goods.


It sells practical stationery, sundries, etc. mainly in the United States. The number of vintage stationery is comparable to other stores.

tsuitachi craft & brocante

You can find dishes and ornaments that everyday you have found around the flea market in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium.

Antique gallery Majorel

We deal in old baccarat collected mainly in France, glassware of Saint Louis, brand jewelry of vintage.


Accessories to add a famous brand overseas vintage poster and Parisian esprit and coloring.


Vintage furniture and miscellaneous goods using high quality teak materials made in Scandinavia in the 1960s and 70s. In addition to tableware and cutlery, we will introduce small furniture that can be easily incorporated into the interior, such as wall-mounted racks and mirrors.

European vintage fabric and tableware · miscellaneous goods park

Green shop handles colorful vintage miscellaneous goods in a little old retro in Eastern Europe and Northern Europe. We are focusing on fabrics, curtains and cloths.

Nakamura store

As I traveled around the world, I collected things that I wanted to keep around.

Vintage Fashion

ANGIE LA LA vintage

We will deliver the authentic European ladies vintage centering on the 1800 - 1970's selected by the buyer who lived in London.


It is a shop of ladies vintage in Daikanyama. We also focus on bakelite jewelry, including vintage clothing and other items. We deliver fun and surprising designs of old ones to our customers.


Clothier is a select shop that is now the third year. Products mainly include European clothes, American old clothes, vintage to Maison type, and foreign goods purchase goods, New items BAG, shoes etc imported directly from France and the UK. Overall, the atmosphere of Europe (especially the UK, France) is strong. Moreover, although it is not put out to the shop front, we have many regular regular clothes etc of US 80's to 90's.


Feminine & Classic clothing which I met in Europe such as England, France etc. centering on 1920s ~ 1960s is delivered.


Simple things from classical to daily wear, clothes with fun unique to old clothes. A trendy accessory of mid century from the old age. Even if it exceeds the era, it is felt warmth. We have these kinds of things.


To cherish the day of today, turn your heart to what is right now. We make accessories that become one of the happiness in everyday, and we have vintage clothes and accessories with warmth over time.


While cherishing the clothes with the background of the good old days, we have selected the fine Vintage items focusing on the United States, with awareness of the material, silhouette and trend. I wish you have a wonderful encounter ...

mother lip

Since opening in Daikanyama in July 1992, Mother Lip has import selections that kept the trend in addition to the vintage from the 1900s Victorian to the 1980s. We are recommending one point vintage and a new import designer's mix coordination to a wide range of people. In the Akasaka flea market, we will exhibit a lot of European linen fabrics, pillows, rugs, embroidery fabrics, etc. which are not handled at ordinary shops. Everything is fresh for the flea market selected from Europe. Do not miss the opportunity of this flea market!


The shop name of N ° CONCEPT (No Concept) attached with a desire to cherish the "charm of the thing itself" rather than "a note or description for selling". I handle things that I felt good with five senses.

OLD Hanna

Time and air, vintages gathered from one by one from around the world with the eyes and sensitivities of shop owners who are famous select buyers for over 20 years, with the desire to deliver meaning and feelings, from high-value clothes to unique sundries to introduce.

poison vintage

We sell vintage goods purchased around seven locations including London, British, Oxford, Brighton, Bath, Paris of France, on the web. The concept is a vivid image of vintage, a luxurious feeling mixed with the poison poison which is also in the name of the shop. Through opening a store, I hope to have more customers pick up more customers and enjoy the products and worldview of our shop.


We sell cute old clothes at onlineshop, mainly in the US and Europe. We suggest old clothes that you can enjoy freely as you like without being bound by the frame.

univers Y

I am buying items that will make you happy for everyday life, such as brocant's sundries and tableware, fashion accessories I met in French flea market.


The original "Li: lys" (Lilith) remake using old clothes, accessories, accessories, miscellaneous goods, military in the UK and France, collaboration with garden of Eden accessories, accessories for linen-centered adult clothes adhering to fabrics and shapes Etc., a shop that proposes total unique individual style regardless of age.



"abeille" (Aveille) is French and "bee". Collect materials from domestic and overseas, create new accessories to the texture of vintage and create accessories.


I use vintage fabrics and parts to produce bags and hats. I am particular about putting out a worn out atmosphere for decades as it is.


I make small things with fluffy and melted glass. I hope you enjoy watching and wearing it.

A l'aise candle

From everyday life to extraordinary daily life, we are making art candles with handicrafts one by one with the concept of creating a comfortable space.


Ambivalence is a chavisic accessory brand made using vintage glass or Swarovski.


It is a shop and atelier of handmade wrist watch in Kurama in Tokyo. I use domestic machines, I make cases, dials and belts.


It is a brand that proposes flower plants and scented lifestyle through the production of botanical goods such as real flower jewelry and aroma wax bars using genuine plants


"Atelier GL EN CLYDE" is a ladies brand that began with the 2019SS collection proposed by GL EN CLYDE. The socks are filled with sparkling thoughts such as joy, fun, cute, happiness, etc. It is a so-called “made in Japan” sock made with attention to design, materials and technology.


From the fantasy that brand name can put magical power in things made by craftsman fairy dwarves.

COMA ceramics

We are opening stores in department stores, galleries, craft fairs, etc. centering on oriental dishes.

Etko (Ekko) glass and metal

I am making works with blown glass and metal (mainly brass). I made my own stamps with brass and pressed them against glass, I made pieces and made pieces etc. combined with glass.


I am making silver accessories. I make heartfully what I think is good. I am also doing one point manufacturing etc.

in Bloom

I make seasonal seasonal plants as a motif and fabric flower. Please enjoy the deeply shaded colors that you dyed one by one.


I imagined the closet of a fictitious person named Joëlle, finished with fine ribs and antique ribbons and buttons, a hat that makes the wearing person look beautiful.

Lily jewelry

It is a jewelry brand that gently gives a special color to everyday ladies who want to live as they are seeking ideals with the theme of traveling. Vintage beads, handmade accessories using vintage parts and colorful Czech beads.


Dry arrangement such as lease which used many leaves, making flower and miscellaneous goods cards. I hope you will be able to accommodate your precious space every day.


I am trying to make a beautiful silhouette hat "that draws simple and pleasing curves.


We refurbished our old 60-year old private house and sold original wooden furniture. Others We deal with dry flowers with vintage dishes and furniture in Europe, linen products etc. We propose lifestyle.

One noble novel

"Directing the mind, reading costume jewelry. Based on the concept, the design symbolizes happiness (symbol) that made the old Tarot card of French roots into a design, we are delivering with a message. Please enjoy with a classical mood design using vintage materials etc

too cleaveland

A unisex-expanded knitwear brand that incorporates new sensations while following vintage details based on the concept of “the first thing you can feel nostalgia”

Planet Opera Theater

Costume jewelry made with the technique of lace crochet. Fascinated by the traditional handicraft technology, it expresses the color and the world view that you feel when you take a piece of material into a costume jewelry expression

point de Japon

We will propose everyday arrival with various designs made from embroidery lace which is concerned with delicate and beautiful finish from silk making to embroidery.


We are making accessories using Japanese lacquer technique in the traditional crafts field. I use Japanese paper, wood as a material. Finally it is foil finish so it looks like metal and it is a very light accessory. You can learn it without burdening even if it is big.

ucca 6

I make unique parts, chic (cute), accessories (accessory) by adding brass parts one by one and beads of various countries and times.

Tanaka leather

Leather items with vintage advertising patterns. This is a unique group of items that are hand-printed on leather. Super fun and funky! Extremely cute and fancy! ! We have various leather items.

Oyama Kaneyoshi store

Accessories combining knitting and engraving. A product that adults can attach to a dark world with mushrooms and insects.



Two person unit producing coffee and coffee time. Creating original blend and style with natural flavor coffee, comfortable time and space to enjoy it.

izzy's café

Coffee stand with concept of cafe style in Australia and New Zealand. We offer sticking drinks such as organic coffee, sugar-free chai and lemonade using domestic organic lemon. Food has a popular banana bread in Australia.


A specialty store of Mexican tacos and Burrito in Ark Hills. Everything is cooked by handmade recipes.


Date Sunday, December 8 2019
  • Rain scheduled, stopping stormy weather
Time 11:00~16:00
Place ARK Hills ARK・Karajan Place
Ark · Karajan Square, Akasaka 1-12-32 Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-6001
Fee free
WEB Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AKASAKA.NOMINOICHI/
Contact us

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