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"I want green that more people are involved in the city" Under such a feeling ARK Hills' garden was born.
Tree trees are now growing unexpectedly to be the rooftop of the building, giving the four seasons full of flowers and grass and the birds and insects' voices will be heard.
While considering biodiversity etc, we aim to be a place where plants and people can feel comfortable.

Green / open space around ARK Mori Building

Main Garden

The spring is sunny, the summer the shade of the shade is comfortable, the garden full of the seasonal natural feeling. You can stroll freely at any time in this garden where the seasonal flowers are beautiful.
Children's membership system program, ARK Hills Kids community "GREEN WORKSHOP" is active mainly in this garden.

Roof garden

It is a three-level garden located on the rooftop of Suntory Hall. The upper row is a garden with a design motif of British national flag "Union Jack" so that it looks beautiful when looked down from the roof of a neighboring building. There are beautiful arches in the middle row that can be eaten and containers, and the lower rows have beautiful roses.

  • It is normally closed for protection of plants and wild birds. We will open to the public several times a year.

Back garden

It is a garden that raises plants from seeds and carries out curing of plant to plant. There are times when you can hear the chirping of wild birds gathered in Takagi.

Four Seasons Garden

It is a garden that originated in Japan, and gathered plants familiar with the climate of Japan that came to ancient times. I planted a very diverse and rich Japanese plant in the world with a simple contemporary style. With curiosity you can see the merit of this garden.

Cherry blossom trees

In spring, about 150 Yoshino cypress make cherry blossoms that make pink tunnel. Under the cherry blossom trees that follow the Spanish Saka Banks, we planted "Yamazakai", a native origin born of shade. Yama hydrangea with row maintenance and beautiful leaf color not only creates beautiful scenery at the feet of cherry blossoms but also protects the safety of pedestrians instead of guardrails.

ARK Karajan Place

It is a square with the name of the world conductor Herbert von Karajan spreading before Suntory Hall. There are only three places that have this name in the karajan's home country, two places in Austria and the world of Ark · Karajan Square here. Plates donated by the Karajan Foundation are decorated in the square.
It is a beautiful urban oasis wrapped in Takinosu and green.
Various events at ARK Hills will be held around this square.

Green · Plaza around Sengokuyama Mori Tower

Kogera no niwa

You can touch Japanese ancient wild plants and flowers. Also, the dead trees are also preserved here. These are valuable things that will become a habitat of birds. If timing is good, you may be able to see small birds such as kogera, thrush and tits which bathe in the pond.

Okayama Plaza

I plant a big tree as a symbol tree. The grassy square is a sunny place, a comfortable space that overlooks the Tokyo Tower. It will be a lively place to be used for seasonal events as well.


Shiinoki which is the native species of the area is planted. A few years later, trees of trees grow and the scenery from the train window and the view at the time of walking will become a more amazing tree-lined avenue.

Sengokuyama Plaza

Two metasequoisers who have kept watching the change of this town for decades. Together with the newly planted trees, we create a shade of shade for the city.

Green / square around South Tower

(The green of the South Tower is subsidized by the Tokyo Metropolitan Greening Foundation "Town / Greening Support Project".)

Sky park

It is a rooftop garden that can be used as refreshing space and workplace full of fruits such as green, citrus fruits and pomegranate of about 1100 m².

Sakagami Children's Park

It is a park in Minato Ward where you can enjoy rich greenery and playground equipment leading to the South Tower.

Sunken garden

The waterfall that flows from the height of 12 m provides a refreshing feeling and moisture. Facing the store zone, people enjoying urban life can spend a rich time.

Green Event

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