ARK Hills Area Office

ARK Hills area starting from ARK Mori Building is a "city in the city", so to speak, function and infrastructure as a business city was condensed. Located in the center of the Akasaka / Roppongi area, which forms an internationally rich and sophisticated business zone, various city functions such as offices, houses, shops, concert halls and hotels are gathered.

Appeal of ARK Hills area offices

A city where information goes and leaves

ARK Hills where luxury hotels and the embassies of the countries including the United States gathered in the neighborhood, rich international color and refined atmosphere drifts. Information and people living from all over the world gather in real time and support businesses that globalize.

Cities in the city

ARK Hills is a complex city born by the largest urban redevelopment in the country, and has various city functions such as offices, houses, shops, concert halls, hotels, and so on. It continues to evolve as a "city in the city" that brings outstanding convenience, a surrounding environment with a feeling of relaxation and bustling, and a full office function.

A safe and secure city

It is the first large-scale urban redevelopment project in Japan by the private sector, which made the wooden densely populated area a highly complex city under the concept of "a city that can escape from the escape town." ARK Mori Building has adopted advanced damping structure at that time, and has the same degree of earthquake resistance and safety as the latest skyscraper building.

A city that brings the workplace close to home

Located in Tokyo’s leading international business district, ARK Hills is surrounded by an exclusive residential district that is one of the quietest residential areas in the heart of the city.

A city with diverse workplaces

ARK Hills has not only ARK Mori Building, but also ARK Hills Sengokuyama Mori Tower, ARK Hills South Tower and various office spaces, supporting diverse business of tenant companies.

A city that fosters exchange between the people who work there

ARK Hills provides a variety of services so that the people who work here can better enjoy office life. Restaurants in the complex offer preferential services with discount prices for daily lunches, and futsal tournaments, golfing, and other events are offered periodically only to office workers to improve communication between workers.

ARK Hills ARK Mori Building

Number of floors 37 floors above ground, 4 basement floors
Structures Steel frame (and some reinforced consrete)
Total floor area 181,833 m² (55,004 tsubo)
Total rental area 93,000 m² (28,130 tsubo)
Parking capacity 約500台
Elevator 32 passenger elevators, 2 emergency elevatorsv
Date completed 1986年3月
設計 Irie Miyake Design Office Co., Ltd.
施工 Kajima Corporation, Toda Corporation, Fujita Corporation

ARK Hills Sengokuyama Mori Tower

Number of floors 47 floors above ground, 4 basement floors
Structures Reinforced concrete (and some reinforced consrete)
Total floor area 143,426 m² (43,386 tsubo)
Total rental area 42,930 m² (12,980 pyong)
Parking capacity 117 vehicles
Elevator 10 passenger elevators, 2 emergency elevators
Date completed 2012年8月
設計 Mori Building Co., Ltd. (Design Manager)
施工 Obayashi Corporation and others

ARK Hills South Tower

Number of floors 20 floors above ground, 3 basement floors
Structures Steel frame
Total floor area 55,267 m² (16,718 pyong)
Total rental area 33,920 m² (10,260 pyong)
Parking capacity 123 vehicles
Elevator 12 passenger elevators, 2 emergency elvators
Date completed 2013年9月
設計 Mori Building Co., Ltd. (Design Manager)
施工 Shimizu Corporation

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