Seasonal events

At ARK Hills, there are plenty of content that you can enjoy with Kids family throughout the year!
We will introduce its charm every season.

Spring - New season, experience and experience in a comfortable square! ~

Sakura Festival (April)

ARK Hills Sakura Festival

The Spanish slope, the cherry blossom trees in Sakurazaka color, and the season of the cherry blossom festival arrives. You can relax on the lawn at Ark · Karajan square and enjoy workshops featuring spring and parents.

Let's play with trees Let's think about the forest with more trees (May)

Let's play with trees Let's think about the forest with more trees

Family oriented events with the theme of "wood growing" to be held at ARK · Karajan Platz, large consecutive holidays in May. Conducted free corner and various workshops. It is a hands-on event that lets you touch trees while playing and learn about trees and Japanese forests.

Summer ~ Fun Learning Summer Vacation ~

Summer Vacation Kids' Workshop (July and August)


Various kids workshops will be held in the school's summer vacation season, stores and squares in ARK Hills as fields.
Actual experience in town is a valuable learning place for children.

Autumn ~ Contact with culture and art ~

Autumn Festival (September)

ARK Hills Fall Festival

It is 3 days that you can experience Japanese traditional festivals with parents and children, such as kids mikoshi · floats, bonsai dance, fairy stalls etc.

ARK Hills Music Week (October)

ARK Hills Music Week

A week full of music in the city of Ark Hills and its surroundings.
There are plenty of content that you can enjoy high-quality music in the family such as experiencing classical concert for kids at Karajan Square and "Music · Marche" where you can freely experience various instruments.

Winter ~ Christmas, and for the New Year ~

Christmas workshop (November and December)

The tree is lit at Karajan square, the city becomes Christmas one color.
We will carry out various workshops like Christmas at the weekend. Why do not you make gifts for one treasure or an important person in the world?

With rice cake (December)

In preparation for New Year 's Day, rice cake with party will be held by Ark Hills Association Association at Hills Marche venue.