This soup specialist showcases ingredients from Hokkaido. Gently spread warmth throughout your body with one of these simmering soups. Every day the fixed menu lineup has six dishes including five varieties of soup and a soup curry. New soup menu items are offered to match the season and its representative ingredients. Patrons can enjoy a combination of a choice of soup plus other items from Hokkaido, including germinated brown rice or bread.

  • Hokkaido soup stand stands for ...
    Hokkaido soup stand hammock "Lambdock"

    Chili beans also appeared in addictive lambdog!
    Even those who say "Lamb is a bit" would definitely like to eat
    Just a taste of "becoming habitable" even though there is no habit.
    Please enjoy lambdog with outstanding compatibility with soup and coffee.

  • Hokkaido cow demigrass red wineshi ...
    Hokkaido cow's demiglace red wine stew HOKKAIDO BEEF RED WINE STEW

    Braised Hokkaido cattle and vegetables with demiglace and red wine Luxurious soup featuring a rich balance of acidity and sweetness.

  • ピュアホワイトのコーンクリーム"...
    ピュアホワイトのコーンクリーム"PURE WHITE" CORN CREAM

    A white corn cream soup with a mellow sweetness that lavishly uses the corn "Pure White" which is difficult to cultivate and has a high scarcity value.

  • Minestrone coloring vegetables MINESTR ...

    Hokkaido vegetables with mushrooms and bacon, plenty of beans, thick minced strawberries with plenty of sweetness of tomato and plenty of vegetables.

  • Organic tomatoes of shrimp and broccoli ...
    Organic tomato cream of shrimp and broccoli ORGANIC TOMATO CREAM SOUP WITH SHRIMP and BROCCOLI

    Tomato cream soup which contains rich shrimp rich umami, organic cultivated tomato and high nutritional value broccoli of interest.

  • Hokkaido soup curry HOKKAIDO SOUP ...
    Hokkaido soup curry HOKKAIDO SOUP CURRY

    Soup curry delicious with sweet taste of chicken and sweetness of various root vegetables on soup which was cooked thoroughly with special spice.

  • Early morning opening
  • lunch
  • Late night opening
  • Kid's
  • Kids
  • Private room
  • Pets allowed
  • Take-out
  • 禁煙
  • Terrace seats
Category Deli · Snack
Area ARK Mori Building 3F
Hours Weekdays 11: 00 ~ 21: 00 ( LO20: 30) / Sat Sundays and National Holidays 11: 00 ~ 19: 00 ( LO18: 30)
Irregular holidays
電話 03-6441-3801
Number of seats 10
Average budget - ¥2,000
HILLS CARD Hills Point Target / Credit Point Target (2%, 3% on Sunday)
Store site

http://hokkaido-soup-stand.com/ External site