Introducing stores offering children's menus at ARK Hills .
You can enjoy it in a wide range of stuations from when you come to the ARK Hills at the event to using it on a daily basis.
Take this opportunity to have a nice meal with your children.

  • Menu, prices may be changed.

About allergy notation

Eggs, wheat, dairy products, peanuts, buckwheat, shrimp, crab

  • It indicates ingredients that may cause allergies.
KIDS SET (Peperoni)


The real pizza restaurant produced by the official chef of the Academy Awards.
The pizza fabric made with the same recipe as the United States, the outside is finished with crisp and inside. There are also large sofa seats in the store decorated with old trees and recycled glasses, so you can spend your time relaxing with your children.

KIDS SET (peperoni) ¥ 540 (tax included)

The pizza dough is crispy inside and finished dusty inside. Even small children are easy to eat. I have orange juice or apple juice.

Wheat, dairy products, soybeans, eggs

There is a child seat

ARK Mori Building 1F

  • Elementary school student or less
  • Baby strollers accepted
Be juicy! Kids (Orange / Apple)


Enjoy a variety of drinks based on espresso extracted from high quality Arabica coffee beans, pastries and sandwiches. For children under 12 years old, we have 2 kinds of juice (Orange / Apple), milk, cocoa.

Be juicy! Kids (Orange / Apple) ¥ 205 (tax included)

We used fruit juice carefully selected for children to drink easily. 100% juice concentrate reduced fruit of Starbucks original. We have 2 kinds of oranges and apple.

キッズ ビバレッジ(ミルク/ココア)*HOT&ICED ¥183(税込)

Hot making at children's temperature easy to drink. Ice is also offered.

Dairy products (cocoa and milk only)

ARK Mori Building 1F

  • Under 12 years old
  • Baby strollers accepted
Kids Hamburger

Bubby's New York ARK Hills

"A relaxing cafe where New Yorkers rest their feathers, the origin of Babies is the taste of a nostalgic grandmother.
Time passes by the rapid speed and New York. That part of the "Babies" that sets up the head office in Tribeca, there is a time when it is just relaxed.

Kids Hamburger ¥ 1080 (tax included)

Kids Pancake ¥ 880 (tax included)

Kids cheese hot dog ¥ 880 (tax included)

Kids Ham Cheese Sandwich ¥ 880 (tax included)

Pancake made from a dough that has the same sour cream as the recipe of NY head office ♪ Kids hot dogs, ham cheese sandwiches and kids burgers are available for kids even with great fun. We will offer lid to placap so that we can have drinks with all drinks and be safe for children. For small children, we also rent out painting sets, block toys, high chairs ♪

Egg · wheat · dairy products

There is a child seat

ARK Mori Building 2F

  • Elementary school student or less
  • Baby strollers accepted
Children's Menu

RUBY JACK'S Steakhouse & Bar

RUBY JACK'S ステーキハウス&バーでは、お子様にもお肉の美味しさをしっかり味わっていただける12歳以下のお子様限定ワンプレートキッズメニューをご用意しております。

Special day

On the second Sunday of each month entitled Family Sunday, a special day where you can enjoy the family with young children can be enjoyed slowly. The chef's kitchen tour and ice cream decoration that you can enjoy your favorite toppings after meals are very popular. For details, please contact the store.

Children's menu ¥ 2,000 (tax inclusive, 10% service charge)

Please choose either juicy hamburger with eating response or Little Jack prepared by popular big jack burger in size that you can enjoy even with children. It is a very satisfying plate with french fries, seasonal vegetables and salad. Homemade ice cream and seasonal fruits after meal.

Eggs, wheat, dairy products, shrimp, crab

There is a child seat

ARK Hills South Tower 2F

  • Under 12 years old
  • Lunch time, Saturday Sundays and National Holidays dinner: stroller visiting Allowed (weekday dinner: stroller visiting impossible)

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